Jeffery Lin in San Jose, CA

Joanne is AWESOME! I was first introduced to her 7 or 8 years ago by a friend when I was looking to refinance my home mortgage. That refinance went through smoothly without any problems and I was very impressed with how quickly and professionally she and her team handled the loan process.

Since then I've done 4 or 5 more refinance and even bought a new house using Joanne as my loan agent, The realtor I bought the house with said she was so impressed that Joanne and her team were available at any time of the week and turned thing around so quickly. I never really thought about this aspect of the loan process, but having my realtor tell me horror stories of some other clients having bad, lazy, or dishonest loan agents made me happy I had found her!

Joanne is my go-to person for all my mortgage needs and I highly recommend her!


Jay Luo in San Francisco, CA

Joanne always prepares loan doc first and monitor the best timing to lock. She has very strong finance background and many years of mortgage experience. 
She makes sure to lock the best rate for that period for clients' cases, and deliver no point no fee refinance loans.

David Chaw in Mountain View, CA


Joanne helped me with couple refi several years back and I was happy with her service back then she was able to deliver best rate with no cost to us. Just very recently, we did a refi again and she again exceeds our expectations by getting us a very good rate with no cost to us. Just very recently, we did a refi again and she again exceeds our expectation by getting us a very good rate with no closing cost (including appraisal fee). There were a few exceptions during the refi process, and she managed to help to clear the exceptions and get the loan approved.

We are very happy with her service and professionalism. We would use her service again and recommend her to our friends/family!


Maggie Lai in Berkeley, CA

Joanne Shen has helped me with my refinance. She is always clear, efficient, and thoughtful in guiding me through the loan process.

She's the best loan officer one can ever find; her excellent work and her dedication motivate me to do my best in serving my clients.

Sean Liu in Fremont, CA

We have worked with Joanne Shen before, and she has been a great help in the loan refinancing process. She is dedicated to serving her clients, and we have found her to be thoughtful and efficient.

We heartily recommend her to anyone looking for a loan officer!

Susan Yang in Menlo Park, CA

Joanne Shen has been helping with my property loans for more than 10 years. She always helped me in finding the best mortgage rate. I appreciate her professionalism and knowledge. and especially that She is always looking out for the best rate for her customers. I strongly recommend her service to anyone who is seeking a good agent for an initial loan or a refinance.

Yiping Feng in Cupertino, CA


We have been working with Joanne Shen for the past many years; she has always helped us in finding the best mortgage for our needs at essentially no cost to us. Her knowledge, experience and professionalism are exceptional and second to none. She is always looking out for the customers' interest and provides the best advice as to when to lock and at what rates to help reduce our interest cost. We have been extremely lucky to have her as our agent ever since we get to know her after being recommended to us by a former colleague.


Now I am making the same strong recommendation to anyone who is in the market for an initial loan or a refinance!

Wenbing Zhang in San Jose, CA

Joanne is very reliable and gets the job done! Almost everything is handled online. Normally the instructions are very precise ,and the needs for back and forth interactions are minimized. I am very happy with my refinancing.

Wei Feng Ye in S. SF, CA

Joanne is very efficient, professional, and knowledgable. She addressed my concerns and answered all of my questions. She helped me lock a very good rate and close the loan smoothly. It's a great experience! I'm so happy to have her as my mortgage broker and I'm looking forward to working with her in the future. Thanks a lot!

Bo Peng in Pleasanton, CA

I have been working with her to do twice re-finance for past 2 years. Just close the loan in March. The rate is good, The process is smooth and Loan was fund quickly.

Rick Tu in San Jose, CA

Joanne provides great service and offers the best rates by far. Very happy with my experience and would use again and certainly highly recommended!

David Tung in Sunnyvale, CA

Joanne did purchase loan for me with very fast and very smooth closely ahead of schedule and locked a very good rate for my purchase loan.

We have known each other for many years and have very great relationship for many years. I have referred many of my friends/ family over to Joanne, even if they just had a general question about the mortgage stuff. She always monitored and delivered lowest rates to me for refinance and purchase loans.

I highly recommend her as everyone's trusted loan agent!

Tony Chen in Cupertino, CA

Joanne refinanced our home for a great rate with no closing costs. The process was smooth and she explained everything clearly to us. We never actually needed to meet in person and she made herself available at all times to answer our questions, including when the notary came to sign our papers in the evening. We look forward to working with Joanne again when we need to refinance or when looking to purchase our next home.

Wook Ji in San Jose, CA

Joanne gave me the best rate for my refinancing. The entire process was easy, simple, and smooth - all done online. She was very prompt and helpful. This was my second time refinancing with her, and I highly recommend her. I guarantee that she will get you the best rate you can find.
George Zhang in Fremont, CA

If you want the best rate for your mortgage, Joanne should be your loan agent. Highly recommended!

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